Debt Contract / Bank Drain / Consenual Blackmail

Look at you! You're such a hard worker with little to no debt. That is no way to live your life! I'm here to put an end to your craziness and put you in a debt contract.

Where's the fun in not living on the edge a little an stressing out? Mistress Nyxxie is here to turn things around and to find pleasure in putting you in a contract.

Things your contract may include:

  • Duration of debt contract

  • Jerk-off tax

  • Late payment fees.

  • Access to your public social medias

  • Location tracking

  • Duplicate of your phone

During our consultation, we will discuss the extend and control you're willing to hand over to me.

Now be a good little paypig and book your consultation so we can get on with spending your money.