What is the minimum debt contract requirement?
The bare minimum for a contract is $3000 spread over the maximum of 3 months. Can't afford that? Be a paypig since it is not worth my time and effor.

How are you going to make me finish paying for my debt?
You will gracefully supply me with information, photos and/or videos that i can use against you.

Why would anyone want to be in debt, willingly?
Some people get to a point in their lives where everything is so fuckin peachy and BORING. You're basically living your grandparents lives, at a much younger age. Maybe they were pressured into sticking with a relationship for some lame reason or couldn't switch their career over to what they're passionate about. Either way, they're stuck in this rut but change will come.

Wake up every morning and go to bed every night with throbbing anxiety and stress cause by me toying with you constantly about exposing something you have kept private. If you've given me full access to your information, i will do my own digging and find out even more than what you've provided.

What is a Bank Drain?
I will remotely login to your computer, you will login to your bank account and watch as i take your money from you.

Have no fear though, you're an amazingly successful "man" and you will make all that money back in a couple of months, at most. So why not make me happy and show me that I'm deserving of your money?

What's a Full Access Contract?
For a set amount of time, you will let me remotely login to your computer where i will leave behind your allowance, and take the rest. If i feel you're deserving of special treats and such, I'll send a little something special your way.