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For too long you’ve been allowed to waste so much of your time wanking off to porn. It's time for Mistress Nyxxie to take control of your cock!


By locking your cock in chastity and controlling your releases, I will turn you into the obedient little boy you so long to be. Giving me ownership of your cock is the best way to show your total loyalty and devotion to me to the exclusion of all others. With the keys to your cock cage, I will help you achieve a greater purpose in life in servitude to me.

The specific terms of your time spent in chastity and any releases will be determined on a case-by-case basis. However, I will always provide the lock and will always possess the only keys to your release.

What's Included?

  • A lock mailed to your address

  • One photo of me with your key.

  • One weekly check-in

Add-On Items

Broadcast Video Camera


No request. I'll decide, length and what Ill be doing in the video.

Cost: 20$

Video Camera Lens


It can be sexual or non sexual. Again I'll decide on the context.

Cost: $10

French Bulldog


Beg to be released (plea your case, doesn't guarantee you'll be released).

Cost: $20

Working from Home


No guarantee I'll respond. You'll be able to text me for a week though.


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